View Full Version : Changes in Combo-Store not shown in Picker / BoundList

17 Oct 2014, 1:53 AM
See here:


Seen in 4.2.1 + latest 5.x release, just switch framework version.

Quite simple Example, on first click on the button the record`s disabled property toggles to 'false', what should cause the entry to be enabled in the pickers. Therefore just expand the combo manually.

This happens only on the first click, expanding after a second or third click on the button, it`s fine.

What makes it even more crazy is that calling combo.expand() - commented in the fiddle - also shows the right result, but a click on the trigger-icon after expanding the combo by code still has the wrong list.

Somehow the store/datasource of the Picker / it`s Bound list seems not to be in sync with the changed record.

Any advice what to call in the buttons handler to cause this to work ?


P.S.: Even if this is most likely a bug, a bug-report won't help me at the moment, i need a solution / workaround ;)

17 Oct 2014, 3:36 AM
Sorry, I should have noticed before, queryMode: 'local' in the combo`s config does the trick. Completely missed this ...

Anyway, strange behaviour that is maybe not exactly right.