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3 Sep 2014, 10:06 AM
It is my pleasure to announce today that Ext JS 4.2.3 GA is available for download. This is a support subscriber only release, to download it, please visit the Support Portal (https://support.sencha.com).

Docs are available online: http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.3/

Release Notes for Ext JS 4.2.3

Release Date: September 2, 2014
Version Number:

New Features

Charts (3)

EXTJS-11520 Pie charts should add a "hideLessThan" config to auto-hide labels for very small slices
EXTJS-11741 Pie charts should have configs to control rotation and clockwise orientation
EXTJS-12248 Chart axis should support an "titleAlign" property to control positioning of titles

Core (4)

EXTJS-11001 Ext.util.Format.number - add the ability to use '0' in combination with '#'
EXTJS-11344 XTemplate tpl switch should accept "#" to switch on xindex
EXTJS-9046 Ext.util.History should use onhashchange event to reduce CPU load where supported
EXTJS-9383 ComponentQuery needs regex attribute matcher

Direct (1)

EXTJS-8640 RemotingMethod should support optional pass-by-name parameters

Forms (1)

EXTJS-1302 Fieldsets should get a border radius where possible

Grid (1)

EXTJS-11473 RowModel in multiselect mode should select all on CTRL+A

Misc (1)

EXTJS-9964 forceFit on locked side of lockable grid should work when locked side is not shrink wrap width.

Tree (1)

EXTJS-11584 TreeStores should provide filtering capability

Total: 12

Bugs Fixed

Button (2)

EXTJS-11544 Truncated text in button prompt on IE8
EXTJS-8983 Kitchen Sink: Buttons: Button CSS Gradient is not properly displayed in IE browsers

Charts (14)

EXTJS-11326 Labels of the vertical axes are not reversed in RTL
EXTJS-11455 Pie chart labels for very small slices can overlap
EXTJS-11742 Incorrect colors in mixed Bar / Line chart
EXTJS-11785 Animation not working for 'image' sprite
EXTJS-11926 Ext.draw.engine.Svg - undeclared cfg variable
EXTJS-11992 Radar charts don't support a minimum != 0 on the radial axis
EXTJS-13836 Line series marker labels created, but not rendered
EXTJS-14663 404 NOT Found when opening Charts kitchen Sink tab menu example (If Ext js 4.2.3 not support it should be removed of the menu)
EXTJS-14667 Charts examples should be constrained to body
EXTJS-14801 Ks: Charts: Unable to close example code view when pressing south position on the configuration icon
EXTJS-6582 Radar Chart does not display xLabels from a proxy
EXTJS-7778 Radial axis doesn't show labels if Store is configured with memory proxy
EXTJS-8432 Radar chart doesn't work correctly with remote data
EXTJS-9280 Scatter series isn't shown on legend click

Core (29)

EXTJS-11091 Ext.util.History fails on IE9/Quirks
EXTJS-11201 Miscellaneous: Editor: The HTML tags are displayed in the "Label" field on double clicking
EXTJS-11231 Ext.Date.parse with 'W/Y' format fails for certain years
EXTJS-11357 showBy constraining should constrain to the shown component's parent.
EXTJS-11395 Ext.js contains broken cmd references
EXTJS-11414 Mousedown wheel click in IE10 returns incorrect button
EXTJS-11419 Ext.resumeLayouts should check for unbalanced calls and issue warning if called more than suspendLayouts
EXTJS-11426 MixedCollection.updateKey does not properly update the key index map
EXTJS-11447 Variable set based on non-existent CSS property in AbstractComponent.animate
EXTJS-11451 Observable suspendEvent fails if there are no listeners are yet attached
EXTJS-11500 Ext.util.Positionable#calculateAnchorXY - operator precedence not considered
EXTJS-11566 Resizing statically positioned components using the resizable config resulted in those components being absolutely positioned even if top/left handles were not activated.
EXTJS-11569 TextMetrics doesn't copy word-break property
EXTJS-11576 Image set to disabled throws error in IE8
EXTJS-11598 Ext.util.Format.number /i flag does not work as documented
EXTJS-11994 Ext.Loader.loadScript w/ disableCaching - Multiple Query Strings
EXTJS-12435 The Ext.env.* classes were removed
EXTJS-12949 Ext.util.CSS.createStyleSheet fails on IE11
EXTJS-13043 Menus are not referencing their proper menuItem owner when using child combinators in a selector for Component EventDomains
EXTJS-13195 Impossible to clear cookies or set cookie to empty with IE
EXTJS-13279 EventObject.hasModifier() returns undefined instead of false
EXTJS-13687 Ext.util.Cookies.get isn't unescaped
EXTJS-13925 Undefined width and height in boxready event
EXTJS-14505 Ext.util.Format.number returns wrong value with a negative zero and trimming zeros
EXTJS-2577 Class aliases that use a period as a separator break DOM/CQ selection
EXTJS-3652 Ext.ComponentQuery - significant whitespace
EXTJS-6147 Week Dates Not Parsing Properly after DST switch over.
EXTJS-7966 ComponentQuery attributes cannot contain special chars
EXTJS-9589 ComponentQuery does not allow for escaped commas

Data (8)

EXTJS-10060 hasOne association generates invalid request when foreign key is not present
EXTJS-11615 Stores/TreeStores with only fields leak generated model classes - these should use anonymous / unnamed models
EXTJS-11898 Loading mask not showing when grid has locked columns
EXTJS-12006 Can't see book information on 'Data Binding' example
EXTJS-12053 Stores no longer fire the sort event in 4.2.x
EXTJS-12092 NodeStore filterchange event name typo in nightly build
EXTJS-4576 Send only the idProperty on calls for destroying a record
EXTJS-9639 Improve association handling with inherited models

DataView (1)

EXTJS-11789 Focusing the dataview scrolls view to top in IE

Direct (2)

EXTJS-11757 Ext 4.2.x - Infinite grid and Ext.direct duplicate pages being requested
EXTJS-11990 Direct form submit with file upload fails in FF and IE

Events (1)

EXTJS-14588 CamelCase events not handled by Controller control / listen methods

Examples (14)

EXTJS-10660 Combination Examples:Kitchen Sink: Grid: Row Expander: The Description panel is void when the "Row expander " is selected
EXTJS-11311 Resizer handles do not correctly account for border/padding on the resize element because of box-model differences
EXTJS-11373 Miscellaneous: Localization (dynamic): Selecting the local files 'Greek', 'English' or any below languages displayed 'failed to load local file' error alert
EXTJS-11407 Combination Examples: Ext JS Calendar: Adding multiple events doesn't display '+more' option under classic theme in Opera 11.64
EXTJS-11487 Grid cell drag/drop colindex incorrect if there are hidden columns
EXTJS-11568 Portlets(i.e. Panel) are overlapping on each other on resizing.
EXTJS-11698 Displayfield in MessageBox needs to auto height
EXTJS-11818 Datepicker menus have extra padding
EXTJS-13321 The example's CSS style isn't being applied to the cells
EXTJS-6903 Grid– Custom Grid Filters:Filters menu check box is not checked while selecting a date in the date picker for all “Before”, “After” and “On” submenu items
EXTJS-7153 Grids with hideHeaders:true and a flex column always show a horizontal scrollbar
EXTJS-7832 ExtJs Calendar example display wrong schedule after resizing the browser window
EXTJS-9692 Combination Examples:Kitchen Sink: Forms: Check out form: Displaying JS error when selecting the month from the "Expiration" list.
EXTJS-9828 Cell to Cell Drag and Drop: CellDragDrop plugin Allows drop in incompatible data types.

Forms (28)

EXTJS-10269 Date Picker fires change event when using setRawValue in IE8
EXTJS-10327 NumberField should call rawToValue in beforeBlur not parseValue
EXTJS-10684 Checkbox does not fire change event on the first change after setRawValue(true).
EXTJS-10806 Displayfields are included in form submit in a form that's jsonSubmitted
EXTJS-10873 Forms: File Upload Field: The Upload icon in the "Upload" button is disappeared in a particular scenario
EXTJS-11310 Checkbox/radio box labels shift to the left when clicked in IE8 quirks mode
EXTJS-11329 Forms: Dynamic Forms: 'Choose a month' screen in a date picker is getting refreshed with 'Space bar' and 'Enter' key
EXTJS-11402 Submit button with formBind doesn't enable/disable after dynamic form item removal
EXTJS-11450 Forms: Dynamic Forms: IE11 is double-spacing when Enter key is pressed.
EXTJS-11454 DisplayField height should be set on the field not the body
EXTJS-11495 Ext.form.field.ComboBox#bindStore does not add queryFilter
EXTJS-11545 Ext.form.field.Date should call rawToValue in beforeBlur not parseDate
EXTJS-11571 Form Fields are misaligned in IE6 and IE quirks in RTL mode
EXTJS-11644 Forms: Dynamic Forms: Unable to enter the text in HtmlEditor
EXTJS-11650 Editor cannot be looked up by name when editing when it's an existing component
EXTJS-11657 Slider thumbs snapped so that their center point was directly below the mouse pointer even if the mousedown event occurred at the element edge. Also initial values could be configured which violated configured constraints.
EXTJS-11673 IE8 textarea scroll issues
EXTJS-11681 TimeField throws an exception when user inputs a value
EXTJS-11793 Forms: Dynamic Forms: Displaying JS Error when clicked in the "Time" field and then in the "Age" field in the "Form1 - Very Simple" (First form)
EXTJS-11838 Forms: MultiSelect and Item Selector: Able to select the list items when 'toggle enabled' option is unchecked
EXTJS-12666 DateField doesn't select today on SPACE
EXTJS-13048 Thumbs in multi sliders can get "stuck" when all set at extreme upper bounds.
EXTJS-13058 Combo does not show listConfig.emptyText on first expand
EXTJS-13062 Timefield clears seconds back to 00
EXTJS-13089 ComboBox with panel picker is hidden on focus
EXTJS-14004 Datepicker does not blur when clicking outside the component if showToday is false
EXTJS-8815 RTL. Checkbox group column layout not floating correctly. Header horiz align wrong.
EXTJS-9674 Combobox picker alignment is off when aligned to the far right of the screen

Grid (79)

EXTJS-10029 Stateful grid with remoteSort store loads data twice and with filters three times
EXTJS-10043 Broken contracts of getAt / indexOf methods of the Ext.grid.feature.Grouping
EXTJS-10061 Locked editor grid shifts when clicked in IE
EXTJS-10338 A buffered store with a small pageSize may never complete its load.
EXTJS-10724 Buffered stores only handle priming at page 1
EXTJS-10809 DatePicker blur prevents focus on next cell
EXTJS-10956 Kitchen Sink: Grids: Big Data: Displaying JS when row editor is activated
EXTJS-10961 containermouseout and containermouseover do not fire on grid
EXTJS-11177 Fix action column to operate on click events rather than mousedown events
EXTJS-11245 RTL: The Column headers row is not horizontally synched with the table.
EXTJS-11253 Grouping grid can have multiple selected rows even when in single select mode after expanding and collapsing a group
EXTJS-11254 Last selected grid row does not get deselected after sort and reselect.
EXTJS-11256 Mouseover/click on a rowbody does not trigger hover styling or selection
EXTJS-11261 Row editor does not show validation errors when used in a locking grid
EXTJS-11265 Layout fails with grouped columns and hideHeaders
EXTJS-11287 SelModel allowDeselect:false setting not honoured when using keys.
EXTJS-11313 Destroying a grid while dragging a column header throws an error.
EXTJS-11322 Column header text disappears after locking a column in RTL/IE quirks
EXTJS-11323 Clicking on grid row expander icon selects the row
EXTJS-11330 Entering invalid data in a row editor causes the update/cancel buttons to stop working when in a locking grid
EXTJS-11338 Group grid "collapse all other" (Ctrl+click) can be very slow if there are lots of groups
EXTJS-11385 Grouping grid with bufferedrender throws errors when collapsing the groups from bottom of the grid
EXTJS-11386 Combination Examples:Kitchen Sink: Grids: Array Grid: Displaying JS error while swapping columns in a particular scenario .
EXTJS-11389 RowExpander fails to update indexes after first row is deleted
EXTJS-11471 ActionColumn configured scope overridden
EXTJS-11472 Selection broken after syncing newly added records - localstorage example
EXTJS-11479 Grid Grouping Summary: Collapsing any group and then swapping the columns displays JS error.
EXTJS-11492 RowEditor update button des not update its enabled state the second time displayed when only one field exists
EXTJS-11504 Rownumbering in Tree
EXTJS-11510 Grids: Locking Grouping Grid with summary: The Cell in its editable mode moves beyond the grid and also the grid's position is displaced in a particular scenario.
EXTJS-11528 A grid with row expander has very poor performance in IE7
EXTJS-11531 gridcolumn.show() returns undefined if hidden
EXTJS-11532 Does not re-set value Ext.ux.grid.filter.Date*Filter
EXTJS-11536 Grid panel's base class 'x-grid' is missing when define a custom cls
EXTJS-11602 Grid columns config does not accept a HeaderContainer config object
EXTJS-11627 Grids: Grid Grouping with Summary: Collapsing any group and then pressing 'Home','End' keys displaying JS error 'InternalId' is null or not an object
EXTJS-11635 Cell editors scroll horizontally outside grid boundary.
EXTJS-11645 Grids: Grid Row Editing: The Date Field becomes void on entering an invalid date
EXTJS-11653 Hiding columns cause editor to focus incorrect field
EXTJS-11665 Doing a column sort on the column which a grid is grouped by does not reorder the sort.
EXTJS-11687 Grid templatecolumn not rendering in nightly builds
EXTJS-11708 The row editor on a locked grid is not functioning
EXTJS-11751 SummaryRenderer params signature changed - not working with field with convert config
EXTJS-11860 Grid with BufferedRenderer plugin and Grouping feature has wrong store bound to it when reconfigured
EXTJS-11863 Lockable grids with no locked columns and buffered stores load the entire dataset into the store.
EXTJS-11873 Group summaries are displaying NaN for columns defined without a dataIndex
EXTJS-11884 Buffer grid - Can't sort by name
EXTJS-11892 Collapsing and expanding groups are broken for buffered rendering when calling reconfigure
EXTJS-11900 emptyCellText is ignored when configured
EXTJS-11901 Grouping summary does not update on record removal
EXTJS-11927 Extending a grid with plugins that add features are failing
EXTJS-12091 Grid filters aren't being created if they're added prior to the headerCt menu being created
EXTJS-12331 Reconfiguring a lockable grid sometimes results in exception
EXTJS-12373 Events mouseenter / mouseleave do not always fire
EXTJS-12383 columns missing when using both rowexpander and grouping in grids
EXTJS-12426 Adding record to grid store with buffered render generates error ...
EXTJS-12487 KS Cell Editing Grid example crashes KitchenSink
EXTJS-12633 Reconfigure on metachange fails on buffered store
EXTJS-12776 TreeGrid + Bufferedrendering has incorrect rendering on rowexpand
EXTJS-12960 isCollapsedPlaceholder is undefined
EXTJS-12963 Components in the header of a hidden column stay hidden once the column is shown
EXTJS-13002 RowEditing's editors misaligned if setEditor called onBeforeEdit
EXTJS-13016 RowEditing doesn't start the first time if no editor defined on (dbl)clicked cell
EXTJS-13110 The grid summary row exists, but no summary value is displayed
EXTJS-13171 Roweditor does not reorder columns correctly when there are hidden columns
EXTJS-13322 RowEditor startEdit does not start editing
EXTJS-13323 RowExpander column not rendered
EXTJS-13374 Grid data is not correctly updated when an editor is open and the store is filtered
EXTJS-612 row expander disables grid stripes
EXTJS-7812 Grid : Locking Grouping Grid with Summary and grouped headers: Displaying JS error while swapping the column in specific scenario.
EXTJS-7897 Multi-select Grid: selections are lost when cell-editing plugin is used
EXTJS-8133 Grids : Locking Grouping Grid with Summary and grouped headers : Displaying blank space below the group headers in a specific scenario.
EXTJS-8748 In some cases a cell editor fills whole grid row
EXTJS-8791 Grid reconfigure with autoDestroy fails
EXTJS-9202 Ext.grid.feature.Grouping - startCollapsed not working with remote data
EXTJS-9317 RTL: Grids: Infinite Grid: Grid is displayed with a vertical space at right side in chrome
EXTJS-9318 RTL: Grids: Grid Plugins: Header check box goes out of view once after moving horizontal scroll bar in chrome
EXTJS-9338 Grid header filter menu disappears after locking or unlocking a column
EXTJS-9371 Grids: Buffered Scrolling: Row numbers got truncated in RTL mode in Safari 5

Layouts (6)

EXTJS-11413 Center region of border layout disappears when east/west regions are collapsed/expanded
EXTJS-11448 Fit layout fails with a hidden child item
EXTJS-11581 Layout mutates itemCls array
EXTJS-9534 Border/Box layout splitters do not trigger properly when dragStart occurs over an adjacent iframe
EXTJS-9539 Incorrect component width when web font is used
EXTJS-9880 FieldContainer no longer respects padding on the bodyCls

Locale (1)

EXTJS-11537 thousandSeparator and decimalSeparator are incorrect in pt_BR locale

MVC (2)

EXTJS-12090 Controller vs Component - event name casing is not consistent
EXTJS-9140 Controller listen doesn't work with controller id

Menu (7)

EXTJS-11176 Menu items that are not Ext.menu.Item derived are incorrectly indented in RTL
EXTJS-11746 Left keypress should only hide child menus
EXTJS-11856 Disabled menuitems don't stop event when configured with an href
EXTJS-11857 Menuitems with an href config are not handled when focused and the enter key is pressed
EXTJS-11891 The HREF for a menu is not fired when you click on the blank space next to the menu item when no icon is present
EXTJS-13044 Menu alignment fails for first click (grid header menus appear at wrong location)
EXTJS-7896 WebKit: Text selection is lost when mousing over a custom context menu

Misc (2)

EXTJS-11511 Miscellaneous: Resizable: Resizable arrow is not staying at exact bottom right corner while dragging from corner
EXTJS-12096 The constructor of Ext.resizer.Resizer is missing a variable reassignation and results in an error

Panel (5)

EXTJS-11388 Dragging an item does not move the load masks of its children
EXTJS-11567 Dragging panel from one layout to other is showing false position for dropping of it.
EXTJS-11841 Panel placeholder's hierarchyState not updated correctly upon hide/show
EXTJS-12705 Body does not allow scroll when grid is disabled in IE
EXTJS-8095 Panel animCollapse duration as milliseconds not working

Selection Model (5)

EXTJS-10393 Multiselection in Grids (with Shift) won't work if first selection isn't made by user
EXTJS-10835 Shift + Row multi-deselect not triggering selectionChange Event
EXTJS-11378 Multiselection doesn't maintain multiple selected rows when right clicking
EXTJS-11843 Selection model should not allow selecting an empty set
EXTJS-9491 SelectionModel in Grid returns incorrect data

Tabs (1)

EXTJS-11516 Memory leaks when using closeable tabs in some cases

Theme (5)

EXTJS-11288 In RTL mode, the Neptune [+] icon has the connector line on the right.
EXTJS-11706 SASS Button color derivation functions fail if the value is null or transparent
EXTJS-11788 The panel border color is not applied unless you include border-radius
EXTJS-13825 slicer generated background images for Windows include header background
EXTJS-9404 Window with plain:true is not transparent

ToolTips (3)

EXTJS-11292 Delayed tooltips should cache XY coords when trackMouse isn't true
EXTJS-12041 Tooltips get overly wrapped on Safari
EXTJS-12942 Ext.tip.Tip is missing "tip" xtype

Toolbars (2)

EXTJS-11363 Toolbars and Menus: Basic Toolbar: User Button's Drop down Menu is displayed with extra padding on both sides
EXTJS-7651 Toolbar enableOverflow: a button lose its click listener

Tree (12)

EXTJS-11219 Adding rowbody to tree and treegrid creates rendering problems
EXTJS-11262 Tree can have multiple selections after expanding and collapsing a node with the arrow keys
EXTJS-11301 Column headers are misaligned with grid columns in RTL mode in Chrome.
EXTJS-11552 Appending a node to a leaf should convert from a leaf.
EXTJS-11564 TreeStore uses Ext.data.Model by default. Should use Ext.data.TreeModel.
EXTJS-11700 LoadMasks do not scroll or size with their target due to them being a floating component
EXTJS-11736 Treepanel vertical scrollbar jumps to top on expand
EXTJS-11824 animate:true on a buffer rendered tree throws an error
EXTJS-12650 Tree with bufferred renderer scroll when after expanding has duplicate data-recordindex values
EXTJS-13509 Appended nodes are not correctly parsed
EXTJS-9341 Tree view renderer needs to clean up rowAttr from template data or it pollutes subsequent renderings
EXTJS-9364 Cannot hide loadMask when using BufferedRenderer plugin on Tree

Window (4)

EXTJS-11397 Calling Ext.Msg.hide() before it has been shown throws exception
EXTJS-11484 When titlePosition used, and window maximizable, the restore tool appears in the wrong position.
EXTJS-11895 When header property set to false, MessageBox is not able to display
EXTJS-13799 Ext.Window's maximizable config modifies the title position, causing the title position to move while dragging

Total: 233

Known Issues

Accessibility (1)

EXTJS-14427 Date picker dropdown calendar causes navigation issues with JAWS

Charts (1)

EXTJS-10739 RTL Charts do not correctly display bidirectional text

Core (3)

EXTJS-12058 Sandbox mode is not working
EXTJS-12418 Dynamic loader fails to load CSS in Safari 5
EXTJS-12947 Ext.Layer and Ext.LoadMask no longer support shim

DataView (1)

EXTJS-12345 ComboBox's bound list becomes transparent on second show on iPad

Examples (2)

EXTJS-12089 Grouped tab examples for 5.0 is broken
EXTJS-13879 Dashboard Portal drag-n-drop experience is not optimal especially on tablets

Layouts (1)

EXTJS-4768 Border Layout : regions overlap when size (or size constraint) won't allow all regions to fit container

Tabs (1)

EXTJS-13538 Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu does not work with Ext JS 5.0

Total: 10