View Full Version : Scroll bar not appearing in IE when combo box is long. Works in Chrome.

28 Aug 2014, 7:12 AM
Hi, I have combobox based on a store. When the list is long scroll bar should appear but its not appearing in IE. It works fine in chrome.
xtype: 'form', id: 'proj_form', layout: 'column', bodyStyle: 'background:#dfe9f6;padding:0px;', items: [ { id:'proj_combo', xtype: 'combobox', fieldLabel:'Project', store: proj_store, valueField: 'id', displayField: 'project', queryMode: 'local', emptyText: 'Select a Project', autoScroll: true, overflow: 'auto', margin: '5 5 5 5', listeners: { select: function() { selectProject(); } } }

4 Sep 2014, 7:57 AM
Your code isn't formatted.

This sounds like a layout issue.