View Full Version : The performance issue of grid when "stateful" set as true

27 Aug 2014, 1:59 AM
I found if I set stateful as true in the grid, the performance becomes bad.
I have a page with a form, I measured the time from
form.add to
afterlayout event occurs, and in the page, there is a grid with
stateful :true. After test, the result is

[IE] avg 812
[Firefox] avg 611
[Chrome] avg 411

after I set
stateful :fasle, the result is
[IE] avg 496
[Firefox] avg 386
[Chrome] avg 307

it means, when i set
stateful :fasle, the performance improve:
[IE] avg 316
[Firefox] avg 225
[Chrome] avg 104

The difference is too obvious, does anybody notice that? why?????? I don't want to set it as false, but it takes too much time!! Does anyone know what's wrong?

Gary Schlosberg
27 Aug 2014, 4:15 PM
Saving state on your grid is going to take more time than not, and will vary depending on the method of storage, for instance cookies. Could the network connectivity be slow? Can you tell us more about the grid, perhaps post some code?