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4 Aug 2014, 8:35 AM
Traditionally when developing Sencha Touch apps on mobile and tablet devices you need to minify and repackage the Sencha source code, then recompile that with the PhoneGap framework with each platform SDK compiler and then redeploy each native app to mobile devices and emulators for testing (For Sencha apps this is done by sencha app build -run native). For native app development this can be a slow process that you have to repeat for each code change before you can test the change on a native device or emulator.

This tool allows you to massively speed up development of your PhoneGap and Sencha Touch native apps by skipping all of these steps!

Using this tool you can update any Javascript, CSS or HTML source file on your development computer and it will instantly load your changes and restart the app on your device or emulators. This means you can live edit and test changes as you save them onto multiple devices! It even preserves the current client side route so in most cases you can immediately retest the active view without having to re-navigate to that view.

This means you can place any number of devices/emulators in front of you and instantly see the effect of your last code change one or more Android, iOS and WP8 devices! You can even serve up your source code from your local computer onto a cloud based mobile device testing lab to test your app on hundreds of different mobile devices.

You can also keep your remote debuggers connected while each update occurs so you save more time by not having to restart your remote debuggers. Since the Javascipt source code is not minified, it's also much easier to debug. You can also elect to load the original unminified Sench Touch framework files onto the device making debugging of framework code easier.

* Sencha Touch Live (https://github.com/tohagan/stlive)



5 Aug 2014, 11:54 AM
Thanks for sharing!

12 Aug 2014, 6:27 AM
Release 0.1.13 Sencha Touch Live

* Added --run option to stlive create and stlive build commands
* Can now create, build, deploy and run a new "live editable" app with just stlive create --run MyApp.

Release 0.1.14 Sencha Touch Live

* Adds SASS Compiler integration so you can now "live edit" your *.scss files and instantly review the style changes on multiple devices. Updated README explains how to configure the SASS Compiler.

* Adds stlive settings diff command so you can view the differences between factory settings and your local settings. Review this to ensure you migrate new feature setting correctly such as the new SASS compiler settings. Review the final settings using stlive setting show.


I would love to get some feedback on your experiences of using Sencha Touch Live. I'm using it in my job and it's really sped me up. Just got a new component working today that would have taken substantially more time without this tool.