View Full Version : toolbar tooltip won't hide after upgrading to sencha cmd 5

29 Jul 2014, 9:21 PM
Hi there ,
I have a weird problem with my web app , I'm using tooltip on panel toolbar and when I'm building my app using sencha cmd 5 the tooltip won't disappear when I hover out from the toolbar button , before the build , it acts fine , after the build , it won't hide.


30 Jul 2014, 6:43 PM
Make sure you are not missing any requires. If that is not a problem, here is an updated Cmd you can test with:

I had some tip quirks with Cmd 5 GA, so this may help.

Make sure you backup your project before you upgrade Cmd, as the meta will change and you cannot downgrade.


24 Sep 2014, 4:26 AM
Hi Scott ,
I had many wierd problems.
I've decided to start writing my app from scratch using ExtJS 5 and MVVM.