View Full Version : Row-Expander plugin: Expanded without content after Store reload

16 Jul 2014, 2:54 AM
Hi community!

I am using the RowExpander-Plugin for my Grid. (ExtJs 4.2.1)

I listen to the grid views 'expandbody' event to render complex content into the rowexpander-div. It is working like a charm, but when the store (which is attached to the grid) is reloaded then the 'expandbody'-Event is never called allthough the rows that were expanded before the reload are displayed as 'expanded'. As a conclusion my rowexpander-divs are alle empty!

Any help would be awesome!
Thank you in advance!

26 Jul 2014, 2:46 AM
This problem still has no solution.

The content of the rowexpander is rendered on the expandbody-Event but when the store is reload the expandbody-Event is not called.
The expandbody-Event is only triggered when the user manually expands the row.

Any suggestions?