View Full Version : Memory Grid Filters

1 Jul 2014, 12:04 AM

We did a POC on Sencha Grid.

There is some unexpected thing we faced while implementing grids. The purpose is to implement local memory pagination , sorting and filtering.

This is something improvised with Memory proxy and it works fine to some extent.

Sorting works fine.

Filter is only implemented on Description Column for now.

When we searched "0 Description" it worked fine.

But when we searched "0 Description b0" it didnt work for us.

We tried many other combinations like this removed hard coded 'b' concatenation to search 0 Description 0. It also didn't work.

Attached is the sample dummy code.

Please let us know why this is not working.

And is there any other alternative inbuilt approach to achieve the above thing.

Sorting and Filtering should be done on all the local pages.