View Full Version : Anybody interested in a Parse.com user extension for Architect?

5 Jun 2014, 10:16 AM
Would anybody be interested in a Sencha Architect user extension to support the Parse.com mobile-backend-as-a-service REST API?

I've been working with the Parse.com REST API in a Sencha Touch app recently. It's a nice API, but Sencha's idea of REST doesn't quite match what Parse.com provides, and it doesn't really work in Architect. (Getting Touch to read data from the Parse API is fairly easy, but Architect refuses to honor the configuration. It is not aware of CORS and thinks that the cross-domain request is not valid.)

I did a prototype in Architect, but I'm getting ready to switch back to my IDE (IntelliJ) because of the roadblocks in Architect. (Is there a way to create a custom proxy class in Architect?)

Anyway, before I go back to IntelliJ, I want to know if there would be any interest if I were to build an Architect plugin to support Parse.com.