View Full Version : Combobox setValue for many combo box selection.

28 May 2014, 12:53 PM
I have a situation like this. Let say you first select a State. Based on state you will have another combobox with Cities. And based on cities you have another combo box with areas. And when you select areas you will have different panel for those areas. It works fine now what I want is url or if there is another way then some way sothat I can pre-populate everything using url or some kind of link. Example my current page is like www.mypage.com where everything works but you have to start state -> city -> area. Now what I want is link like www.mypage.com/?state=AL&city=Birmingham&area=Hyde Park. State has id and its value when I do setValue(id) then it sets the state to AL and brings all the cities in AL. But when I do setValue(id for city) . It sets the id to display value and doesn't populate the area. Any help will be appreciated. Also if there is a better solution then I can look into that as well.