View Full Version : Customizing icon on a StatusProxy

28 May 2014, 7:21 AM
Hi guys,

I have some drag & drop interactions working with a DropZone and a DragZone.

Now I'd like to set the icon on the StatusProxy depending on what drop zone the mouse is over (like what you get when you have drag & drop between two TreePanels - the icon changes if you're hovering over a leaf node or a "folder" node). I assumed the onNodeEnter and onNodeOut events from DropZone would be the best place to change the icon, so I tried something like this:

onNodeEnter: function (node, evt) {
// decide what icon to show using some code
var iconClass = decideIconClass(node, evt);

// update the status proxy icon

However, calling the setStatus() seems to do nothing.
I don't want to override the regular icons using CSS. I would like to be able to set different icons dynamically depending on where the user is currently dragging.

Is this possible? What am I missing?