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27 May 2014, 7:37 PM
Hi all,
I want to assign store dynamically to the chart. I have data in store like :

"revClass":[{"RevenueId":11,"RevenueName":"Food","Sales":76.2200,"Qty":11.0,"NonSales":false},{"RevenueId":13,"RevenueName":"Beer - Wine","Sales":92.2500,"Qty":23.0,"NonSales":false},{"RevenueId":14,"RevenueName":"Liquor","Sales":31.0000,"Qty":9.0,"NonSales":false}],"Id":1}

I want to show the data of seriesRow object, is this possible ??

Thanks and regards,

Gary Schlosberg
2 Jun 2014, 6:09 AM
I would look at the doc page for the type of chart you are trying to create, such as area:

You'll likely need to process your data to get it into the format the the chart requires.