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23 May 2014, 7:17 PM
Hi all,

Having a bunch of fun trying modify https://github.com/topping/Ext.ux.data.proxy.WebSocket to be usable as an Architect extension. But it depends on https://github.com/topping/ExtJS-WebSocket and I'm having a hard time expressing this for Architect. Bower can deal with it just fine, and through Bower I cam make sure that both extensions are installed in a project, but I can't get the inclusion of the proxy to generate the app.js with the proper reference to the dependency. So the app fails in loading with "Error: [Ext.Loader] Failed loading 'ext/src/ux/WebSocket.js', please verify that the file exists".

https://github.com/SenchaArchitect/Extensions has a couple of examples, but they aren't interdependent like this so I can't tell what I need to do. I've also scoured http://docs.sencha.com/architect/3/reference/files_directories.html. It seems like it's not possible.

If anyone has ideas and wants to fiddle, the changes I have on both repos are using a fork called architectTest2. Please remember that these also need to remain compatible with Bower.

Grateful for any feedback!!

Cheers, Brian

26 May 2014, 11:27 AM
Failing anyone knowing or having time to answer this, is there a way to trace through Architect as it generates an application? Given that one of the classes are properly generated into the loader config, I guess what I need to do is look at all the logic in the generation of an application and see if there are any conditionals that (if taken via additional configuration) would resolve the problem. My fear is that Architect is not open like the proper framework and there's no way to trace what's going on inside it. That's reasonable (it's a compelling piece of software with no expectation that it would need to be forked), but with a limited amount of people that can answer the question, I need some way to resolve the problem and keep moving forward. Hmmmm!Thx, B