View Full Version : extjs minification using jsb2 builder

14 May 2014, 11:32 PM
I am using JS builder to minify my extjs 4.1.3 JS and CSS files and my files are converting into minified file with name which i have given in .jsb2 file script. The name is statically mentioned in .jsb2 file. i want to generate the name of minified file dynamically with unique versioning through coding inside .jsb2 file.
And then I am referring that minified file name in my .txt file to run.
Now, I have to add some kind of versioning in minified file name to solve cache problem.
please let me know how I can add dynamic versioning like unique value in minified filename in .jsb2 file script.
is there any solution that we can do some javascript coding in .jsb2 file script?

I am using jsbuilder because my ext js code is not organised.

15 May 2014, 8:28 AM
JsBuilder has been dropped and is no longer supported. Please see our Sencha Cmd product.

>>> I am using jsbuilder because my ext js code is not organised.
If you cannot use Cmd due to poor code, then perhaps YUICompress and a bash script would be better?

23 May 2014, 1:49 AM
yes, I am looking for YUI compress but my requirement is that there should be some script.
using that script, i can use some version parameter like date.

I mean to say, minified file name should be appended with current date(will serve as versioning of the file) every time, when we run yui minification tool. and this should be automatic process.

I need this thing to avoid browser cache. Because, once I'll be deploying my minified file every time, browser should be at empty cache state. User should not experience cached components.

please suggest.