View Full Version : Auto adjust of height of a tab panel with dynamic height of the html content

28 Apr 2014, 8:39 PM
I have created tab panel into that i am loading html table from server.After rendering the html table content into the tab panel i have an option into that html like if i click on any one of the html table rows, based on the condition i would get some more table rows that would be added to the existing table rows.But whenever extra table rows are added, my tab panel unable to adjust its height.Here i have not set height config option to the Ext.tab.panel.

Gary Schlosberg
1 May 2014, 3:59 PM
The panel doesn't display scrollbars when the content outgrows it?

5 May 2014, 3:06 AM
Here i dont want any scroll bars but my tab panel's height should be incremented automatically with the size of the html content loaded from server.