View Full Version : Grid Resizing takes time when panel below it get collapsed/expand

25 Apr 2014, 4:01 AM
I am working on gui that contains GridPanel in center and collapsible panel in south. by default collapsible panel is collapsed. When I expand that panel, gridpanel automatically resized to smaller one. It works fine when I have small number of records in grid (say 100) but when I have 10K records in grid, if I try to expand south panel , it takes lot of time for south panel to come in expanded mode (5-10 seconds). I assume its primarily due to whole grid gets rendered again when I expand or collapse south panel. Is there any way to reduce that time. I have attached screenshot of expanded and collapsed south panel. Can anyone please provide me a way out to have quick response for expand/collapse?

25 Apr 2014, 6:46 AM
but when I have 10K records in grid,

Do you have paging or bufferedRenderer?

10K is going to take time no matter what you have setup. From your screen, I would say you have your grid nested in another panel? Grid is a panel, no need to nest it.

But the main reason is the amount of records.