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14 Apr 2014, 12:19 PM
Hi all,

First of all, please excuse me if my questions seems strange, but I'm new to EXTjs :)

I'm trying to modify an old EXTjs 3.4 with Zend framework system, wich we use at events to keep log/track over first aid tasks.

I have panel wich I've changed to an tabpanel and now I need to specify where the render function puts the loaded text. It looks like this:

me.infobox = new Ext.TabPanel({
border: false,
flex: 2,
style: {
borderTopWidth: '1px'
activeTab: 0, // second tab initially active
tabPosition: 'top',
items: [{
html: '<p>A TabPanel component can be a region.</p>',
title: 'General information',
id: 'infobox-tab',
autoScroll: true
}, new Ext.grid.PropertyGrid({
title: 'Property Grid',
closable: true,
source: {
"(name)": "Properties Grid",
"grouping": false,
"autoFitColumns": true,
"productionQuality": false,
"created": new Date(Date.parse('10/15/2006')),
"tested": false,
"version": 0.01,
"borderWidth": 1

The render function wich I need to change:

me.mon(me.infobox, 'render', function() {
url: '/ehs/infobox/get'

...and I need the render to be in "id: 'infobox-tab'".

Best regards

Gary Schlosberg
15 May 2014, 5:11 AM
Can you use getComponent?