View Full Version : Problem with loadMask and TreePanel Keyboard Navigation

13 Apr 2014, 11:20 AM
Hi everybody, I'm using ExtJS 3.4 for a backend. I have a simple two-columned layout with a treePanel on the left side and the form fields to manipulate data on the right side. The content is loaded in tabs. Primarily we have the following problem: If we open more tabs simultanously, the tabs that are loaded in the background have layout problems. It seems that the CSS (or something like that) is not loaded correctly. In order to "solve" this problem in a quick way, we deviced to show up a loadMask after clicking on a link on the treePanel. So no user can click on other links, this works fine for us, unfortunatelly keyboard navigation on the treePanel is still possible - therefore a user can press keydown and enter to show up another tab, which is broken. Is there an easy solution how to solve this? Disabling the keyboard navigation while the loadMask is shown would be awesome. If it's not possible, is it possible to generally disable the keyboard navigation? I'm absolutely a beginner to ExtJS and therefore do not know how to handle this problem. Thanks for any help in advance. Best regards, 7storm

13 Apr 2014, 11:29 AM
Sorry for the missing newlines. I've adde them, but they were broken. Even tried to edit the post and re-add them, but it does not work :(