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10 Apr 2014, 10:08 PM
Hello everyone

I have a question about hide some points in line series.
I have used false to hide some points.

But after I modify the start and end point of y-axis, entire false data was disappear.(04-09 and 04-10 disappear)
Why this happened?

Thanks in advance.
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11 Apr 2014, 12:51 AM
I have compare two scripts generated by code.The only difference is minimum attribute in axes.Is this situation normal ?

Gary Schlosberg
11 Apr 2014, 5:32 AM
The results seem reasonable given the axis ranges, so I'm probably missing your point. Any chance you could post some code so we can better see what you are talking about?

14 Apr 2014, 1:18 AM
First thanks for your reply

In this example, both case data attribute is use false to hide some data points.

data: [ {'name': '2014-04-04','ASE01': 97,'ASE02': 95,'ASE03': 98,'ASE05': 99,'ASE07': 99,'ASE08': 94,'ASE10': 95,'ASES1': 100 },
{'name': '2014-04-05','ASE01': 97,'ASE02': 98,'ASE03': 98,'ASE05': 99,'ASE07': 99,'ASE08': 95,'ASE10': 97,'ASES1': 100 },
{'name': '2014-04-06','ASE01': 94,'ASE02': 95,'ASE03': 99,'ASE05': 99,'ASE07': 100,'ASE08': 91,'ASE10': 100,'ASES1': 100 },
{'name': '2014-04-07','ASE01': 98,'ASE02': 98,'ASE03': 99,'ASE05': 99,'ASE07': 99,'ASE08': 92,'ASE10': 96,'ASES1': 100 },
{'name': '2014-04-08','ASE01': 96,'ASE02': 99,'ASE03': 97,'ASE05': 99,'ASE07': 98,'ASE08': 94,'ASE10': 93,'ASES1': 100 },
{'name': '2014-04-09','ASE01': 100,'ASE02': 98,'ASE03': 99,'ASE05': 99,'ASE07': 99,'ASE08': 96,'ASE10': 100,'ASES1': false },
{'name': '2014-04-10','ASE01': 100,'ASE02': 94,'ASE03': 94,'ASE05': 99,'ASE07': 100,'ASE08': 95,'ASE10': 100,'ASES1': false },
{'name': '2014-04-11','ASE01': 100,'ASE02': 96,'ASE03': 93,'ASE05': 99,'ASE07': 99,'ASE08': 98,'ASE10': 95,'ASES1': 100 } ]

The only difference is the minimum attribute in axes.
But the result is that the data for 04-09 and 04-10 is missed if I change the minimum value.
What is wrong in this situation?

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Gary Schlosberg
14 Apr 2014, 3:15 PM
Oh sorry, I see it now -- two days completely missing. I tried to recreate the problem in this Fiddle, but it seems to work as expected.

In which version of ExtJS are you seeing this issue? Any chance you can post a test case which recreates the problem?

15 Apr 2014, 1:20 AM
Thanks for your reply.

The version I used is 4.0.

I have view the link you provide.
And I found that you did not set maximum attribute.
I removed the maximum attribute, then the missed data(04-09 and 04-10) appear.
I think it is strange.
I will keep trying.

Best Regards

Gary Schlosberg
15 Apr 2014, 5:45 AM
Ah, OK, thanks. I added the maximum to my example and can see the issue now as well. I found an existing issue that seems to be the same:

There is a workaround (http://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?269122#3) mentioned in the third post that fixed my example.

16 Apr 2014, 12:32 AM
I have try to add "constraint" attribute.
There is no miss data!

Thanks for your information.
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