View Full Version : Difficulty with the kitchen sink

5 Apr 2014, 10:23 AM
System: Windows:
Framework: ExtJS
cmd: Sencha Command 4.0.4

- I want to bring the kitchensink into my workspace so that I can apply our custom theme to it.

- I want to use the kitchensink as the place to see the progress of our theme, and to demonstrate to others where the theme is going. This will also show me where i have gaps in customizing the theme.

- I can't get Sencha Cmd to compile the kitchen sink in the examples. I am running into a "exited with non-zero code" error. I can elaborate on this if needed.
- I downloaded an older version of sencha Cmd to compile the kitchensink, based on a suggestion from source. that didn't work for me.

- What is the best way to utilize the kitchen sink the way I want to?

5 Apr 2014, 11:06 AM
Would it be easier to use the theme viewer example to show the progress of your theme instead of the entire kitchen sink app?

I would say your errors on due to you possibly needing to make changes to your cfg files?