View Full Version : ExtJS 4.1 List FIlter not working properly

2 Apr 2014, 11:15 PM
I am trying to use a list filter in my grid as shown below for the status column:
I tried using a store for it but it doesn't work:
{header: 'Status', dataIndex: 'Status', width: 130, filterable: true, filter: {
type: 'list',
//store: Ext.getStore('MyApp.store.Status')}

So I uncommented the store as shown above. Now, the list for status is getting populated but it's not correct. It shows only those status that are present on the first page of my grid. i.e. there are more status than the ones shown in the list filter. Some statuses are present in the next page of the grid, which are not being shown in the list filter. Also, when I use multiselect list filter and select 2 or more values from status filter, the query fired (i am using remote query) shows only the latest value selected in it, whereas the query should show all the statuses selected by the user. Is there a bug in this feature? Please help!
Thanks in advance.

3 Apr 2014, 9:52 AM
Is that store filtered? Create a separate store so you can load all status data and not just the data that is in your current view?