View Full Version : Ext.Ajax.Request overrideMimeType ?

27 Mar 2014, 6:11 AM
Heya, folks.. I want to override the Mime Type for my XMLHTTPRequest. This is usually done by using overrideMimeType() in a native Javascript XMLHTTPRequest. How can I do that with Ext.Ajax.Request()?

28 Mar 2014, 12:34 AM
Is there no way to do that? So it's necessary to do that by using the native Javascript functions?

15 Apr 2014, 12:18 PM
Hi, did you find out? I am searching for the same thing...

15 Apr 2014, 11:56 PM
No, I was unable to find an Ext JS way to do that. So I used native Javascript methods and XMLHTTPRequest instances. I'm going to wrap it in a own new object, to prevent my code from looking ugly.