View Full Version : KeyNav - Correct way of implementing

26 Mar 2014, 4:09 AM
Hi everyone,

Originally someone else wrote the code i am going through and well i had to write alot of special cases to fix things which is really OTT.

Here are a few areas that i had to write customer bits for:

So firstly enabled the key nav and every time an event was called this went through component focus method because:

1) When trying to access the + - on the accordion layout you could never get to the button instead an enter event was collapsing the section. So wrote customer code if the field was header then .down
2) Another area where i had to write customer code was when using combo box's, after the selection had changed this would return the focus to the viewport as the select was made from the boundlist.

Are there any better was of implementing keynav as i want to start tidying it up?

26 Mar 2014, 5:07 AM
Right so i have commented out the customer code for the enter and can now step in to the + - buttons. It's very interesting that keynav is now entering a hidden container header when pressing down which the old version didn't used to do. So i've popped in a bypass which selects the nextNode(). Anyone else had issues with the focusmanager frame not showing around treegrids/treeviews with 4.2.2? seems fine on other components just the moment this is selected the frame disappears?