View Full Version : Overview themebuilder?

21 Mar 2014, 7:46 AM

is there an overview for every possibility of the themebuilder?

Would be very nice to get a list with all stylable elements and how they are accessed via a theme?

Colin Alworth
21 Mar 2014, 1:27 PM
Mapping from possible style-able elements to the properties that affect them doesn't really make sense unfortunately, since we (presently) have two sets of elements that could be interesting. First, we the css3 appearance implementations, so that modern browsers get simplified html and css, and then we have the *other* implementations, designed to deal with shortcomings versions of IE used before IE9.

The approach we are taking instead is to define variables that describe details and features in the rendered widget, so that we can use the best way of rendering them, based on the best approach we know (which could change in a future release, or by which ever browser is running).

For those properties, we include a skeleton-config.theme file (and you can generate your own with `themer.sh -generateConfig myfile.theme`) which describes each property. This file still has a few missing pieces, we'll finish those off before the final GXT 3.1.0 release. The metadata that this uses is eventually expected to be incorporated into some kind of form-based theme editor, so that you don't need to edit a config file to get the theme updated.

2 Jul 2014, 4:40 AM
I have seen that itīs possible to create a theme config file and create a theme out of it.

But is there some kind of graphical user interface which make it possible to edit all
the properties and see the result like in an WYSIWYG editor ?

I would like to give this tool to a designer, who is able to do this design work for me.

So far i have used the programatically approach with all these xyzAppearance classes and my expectations were that the themeBuilder is some kind of graphical tool.

can you summarize the intention of this tool a bit - thanks