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21 Mar 2014, 2:08 AM

I am trying to setup some "lightweight" tabular data inside rowexpander body.
Using template and overwrite would be lightest I guess, but I do need some mouseover control. I guess next most light solution is to use Ext.view.View. All ok, but now I wonder what would be the best way to destroy it.

They are created on expandbody event. Because component is rendered into the rowexpander body (renderTo) it is not child of "parent" grid and when grid is destroyed they are not. If I try to add them to the grid component renderTo is ignored as component takes over the layout.

So, is my only chance to keep my own track of instances and destroy them when "parent" grid does?

Thank you

4 Apr 2014, 6:06 AM
In the rowExpander, did you include the rwowrap feature to get mouse select/hover to work?

features: [{
ftype: 'rowwrap' // required to make all selectable / hover;
}, {

In 4.2.1, this works when selecting the row, in 4.2.3, it works with mouse over body as well.

Quick video:

5 Apr 2014, 3:53 AM
My end solution was without using extra dataview's inside rowexpander. I found a way to do it with simple templates and all is well - so far :)
Thanks. Didn't know about rowwrap before. As it is private docs don't show it.