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19 Mar 2014, 5:34 PM

I'm looking for some UI design advice that will leverage existing ExtJS components (or plugins); i'm trying to leverage the functionality of these components as they were intended and do not want to try to shove a square peg into a round hole.

The general requirement is that the user needs to be able to update multiple attributes for a given item, and each of these attributes have different possible values. So for example, client ABC has a country attribute (chosen from a list of countries), a "priority" attribute (yes or no), and a "market cap" attribute (large or small). All of these attributes apply to all clients, and new attributes are added often i.e. it can't be a static grid or form.

I tried using the cell-editing plugin in a grid, so each row in the grid was a different attribute and a dropdown showing the possible values for that attribute, like this:

That got tricky though since I believe that's not really how that plugin was designed; it normally expects the same dropdown/store for each row in the column.

If cell-editing is the best way to go for something like this then I will try to make it work, but i'm wondering anyone has any experience with something similar (since it seems like a fairly standard UI scenario).

Much appreciated,

19 Mar 2014, 5:40 PM
Perhaps this:


19 Mar 2014, 5:51 PM
Thanks, that actually was my latest attempt (after the cell editing plugin attempt, it's been a little while since i last picked this up). I was running into specific issues with it, I think related to populating the stores for each attribute (row) dynamically via REST calls. I'll post tomorrow what the issue was, or will create a new thread.

Is that the best way to go about a design problem like this, or are there other prevalent approaches that others have used?