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18 Mar 2014, 5:38 AM
Hello together.

Sencha you did and do a very nice job!
The next things are only things i recognize while i click through the Explorer Demo. Some a real bugs, some are only things for the finshing touches of the neptune theme
If you have questions i can give you more details and a picture to demonstrate.

Here we go: :D


- Wrong tooltip size for Slider
- Wrong icon for required field
- No global default look for Radio
- No global default look for CheckBox like in http://www.sencha.com/examples/index.html#ExamplePlace:checkboxgrid
- Missing Padding for TextArea like TextField(2,6,1,6)


- Wrong alignment for Button in FileUploadField


- Wrong alignment for IconButtons for DualListField


- Missaligned Icons for collapsed Areas (too much in the edge of the title)
- No collapse Buttons for North and East


- Wrong Icons for messageboxes


- Buttons in ButtonGroup should always take the whole place (looks better)


- Wrong Icon for DatePicker in menu


- Wrong size for vertical slider in the example and so the hover is too early (takes the width of the first tr in the table)


- Buttons int PagingToolBar should not show borders (looks better in EXT-JS)


- Buttons in HtmlEditor should not show borders (looks better in EXT-JS)


- No logo shown for IE, Opera, Chrome and Safari (tested with Firefox also in 3.0.6)


- title for tooltips is not bold


- Buttons in Dialog should have a min/default size (looks much more better)
- Buttons should have a litte bit less more height (2px?)

Colin Alworth
20 Mar 2014, 1:51 PM
Wow, great list! I'm going to respond to these in pieces, but I till try to address most of these in time.

For a few of them, (calendar icon in menu, paddings being slightly off) this is a problem with writing an application that looks great in a condensed theme like blue/gray, as well as with a more modern theme like neptune. We can't pick a single image that fits them all perfectly. We've tried not to litter the code with isNeptune() sorts of calls, as that will only get worse as more themes arrive, but are instead trying to find a happy medium for most of these cases.

Several other cases you have point out things that are not exactly like Ext JS's Neptune theme - for better or worse, we're not expecting to hit it perfectly. We're getting our colors, sizes, paddings, fonts, etc, but at the end of the day we're trying to make the ThemeBuilder first and the Neptune theme second. The main goal isn't to have a pixel-perfect theme to what someone else has already achieved, but a flexible tool that allows any team to achieve their own look and feel. In a future release we will almost certainly add more granularity (for example to customize tool buttons to have different borders than normal buttons), but each change means more config code that any given team needs to write to get their theme off the ground. Until we have some helpful editor to help with themes, we're trying to keep it "simple" (or at least less complex).

Missing logos has been a problem for a while - looks like something broke in those examples and how they compose their gradients.