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11 Mar 2014, 2:07 AM

I think I am unnecessarily nesting the components by unnecessarily using hboxes and vboxes, Can any one please guide me if I am doing the things correctly or no?

Below is the attached screenshot which I am going to refer.


Here in for the above form , I have used a "vbox layout" in which i have added the items,
for "PhoneNumber1" I am using a "hbox layout" in which i am inserting 3 children,
and again for the "Mobile No" which is another child of the vbox, I am using the hbox again..

Am i nesting the layouts correctly or is there any other easier way?

11 Mar 2014, 3:19 AM
That's how I'd do it. You may be able to remove the vbox, depending on how your code is setup.