View Full Version : ExtJs 3.4; Tooltips not working on IE8

6 Mar 2014, 1:31 PM
Creating tooltip to be associated with a provided text field. It works fine on all modern browser but glitches out on IE8. The error comes down to the setWidth function inside ext-all.js;

setWidth:function(G,F){var H=this;G=H.adjustWidth(G);!F||!H.anim?H.dom.style.width=H.addUnits(G):H.anim({width:{to:G}},H.preanim(arguments,1));return H}

Where the component does not have a valid "adjustWidth" function (does have "adjustBodyWidth") and it does not have a valid dom.style property. I'd imagine if this were really an extjs issue it would be more widely reported, so is there something about my set up that would cause this specific issue;

var toolTip = new Ext.ToolTip({
single: true,
renderTo: contentArea.body,
target: field.el,
trackMouse: false,
anchorToTarget: true,
anchor: 'left',
anchorOffset: 0,
bodyCssClass: 'toolTipFont',
autoHide: true,
items: [
border: false,
bodyCssClass: 'noBackgroundColor',
padding: 5,
html: '<div style="display:none">&nbsp;</div>' + msg

It should be noted I had the same issue when trying this as a QuickTip.

Any help would be appreciated!

13 Mar 2014, 11:02 AM

Do you have a test case that you could share that demonstrates the issue you're seeing?

For your convenience you can share a test case at https://fiddle.sencha.com using your forum login and password.