View Full Version : Drill down in grid data

6 Feb 2014, 8:23 PM
I'm a newbie to extJS. I went through the examples provided in sencha extJS website. For our project requirement, we need to provide drill down in grid data. To elaborate more, we specify search criteria in a form submitting which triggers an ajax request to get response from server and populates summary data in first grid. There will be grid column values with links, clicking upon should drill down to detail data in a new second grid and the first grid should not be shown in user interface. User should also be provided with option to go back to summary data in first grid from detail data in second grid through previous screen button. How to implement this in extJS? It would be helpful if you could suggest some direction to implement this.

7 Feb 2014, 1:03 AM
You can use Accordion layout to the Container which contains 2 different grids as items.Initially both the grids are empty. After getting the response from server call display the data in 1st grid and activate 1st element in accordion layout( 1st grid ). On click of grid cell (as per your condition) load data in 2nd grid and activate the 2nd element (Which contain 2nd grid) in accordion layout. Now whenever user wants to see the 1st grid , able to see the same.