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22 Jan 2014, 5:34 AM

It's been a while I wanted to try Ext, and I now have a reason for that.

I started to write pKNyX[1], a python KNX[2] framwork, which will allow me to extend my KNX installation. It will gradually replace LinKnx[3] a currently use.

I also use KnxWeb2[4], build on top of LinKnx., which is a web-based application to visualize a KNX installation, allowing to turn on/off lights, open/close blinds and so on. KnxWeb2 uses LinKnx to communicate with the KNX bus.

I would like to develop such web-based GUI, but a little bit different. KnxWeb2 needs to be configured through its integrated designer. What I want to do is something which will automatically build the interface, based on informations provided by the server (pKNyX). Each KNX object (light, blind...) in pKNyX framework will have some attributes to help the client to arrange the corresponding widget in the GUI. For example, I plan to give them a 'room' param, so the GUI can group objects per room.

The GUI should remain simple, mostly build arround simple widgets (buttons, sliders...), grouped in different ways, using layouts. Something like this would be nice:


It should be used from dekstop web browsers, and from smartphones as well.

I developped a javascript application for a photo association, some time ago, only using Prototype[5] framework (trying to use a MVC pattern), and even if I forgot a lot of things, I'm not a totally newbie in js.

I also developped some small python-qt apps, so I'm aware of GUI developement.

But I need some advices with Ext. What would you suggest to start with? I guess that learning the MVC implementation is a good start. I followed the official tutorial, but I have to admit that I didn't understand all points; there are a lot of mecanisms not described here. Are there some more detailed tutorials?

Then, what widgets should I start with for my app?

Any help/comment welcome.


PS: the final version of the MVC tutorial, with json datas, does not work for me; I get the error 'not well-formed' on users.json:1. Iget the same error with the version bundled in examples... I'm using firefox 24.2.0.


[1] http://www.pknyx.org

[2] http://www.knx.org

[3] http://linknx.sourceforge.net

[4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHShtd7zKyU

[5] http://prototypejs.org

Gary Schlosberg
24 Jan 2014, 2:22 PM
Can you please post a link to the MVC tutorial with which you experienced the 'not well-formed' error?

25 Jan 2014, 12:36 AM
Ok, I was waiting for my message to be posted on the forum (it took some time, as it is my first post).

I already found the problem: when using json files, Ext JS needs a real web server to serve them, in order to have the mime type. So, it works fine, now. There is maybe a solution to have them working without web server?


And any advice about the architecture of the app I plan to write still welcome ;)