View Full Version : Tabpanel has to be fitted to a Container

8 Jan 2014, 4:49 AM
Hi all,

I have a container in which two Tab panel Items are there, i want to update the heights of the Tabpanels when
the container height increases something like fit to container.Is there any way to achieve it?

Please help me.

13 Jan 2014, 2:39 PM
Are the two tabpanels stacked on top of one another inside of the container? Or they're side-by-side?

If one on top of the other I'd set the container up with an vbox layout. If side-by-side the container would have a hbox layout.

Use a layout config like:

layout: {
type: 'vbox', // or hbox
align: 'stretch' // to have them take up all available space

In either situation you'll set the tabpanels up with flex: 1 to have them both take up the same amount of space.