View Full Version : Inheritance and reuse - for crud operations

16 Dec 2013, 2:50 AM
I suppose to build a RESTful crud application that 90% of the screens are the same.
The center panel is where the reuse needs to take place.
each tab contains grid with crud buttons (edit and add will be in modal dialog).
I want to develop this only once, and add my custom functionality when needed.


Is there any way to develop the app with maximum reuse, so all of the tabs screens are not copy paste code.
I can say that all of the tabs are the same except from:
1. form fields.
2. grid columns
3. custom buttons actions (special code, I understnad).

I want it to be flexible so when I am adding a new button to the "ribbon" it wont be painful.
its really simple but very large application with a little bit of custom functionality.

What is the best way to do so?
Can you be a little bit specific and give some code examples?


17 Dec 2013, 6:10 AM
Define a class and then use that xtype for each tab.