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9 Dec 2013, 9:27 AM

I am trying to detect IE in IE11. One thing I have noticed is that isIE returns false and that the user agent is set to
"mozilla/5.0 (windows nt 6.1; wow64; trident/7.0; slcc2; .net clr 2.0.50727; .net clr 3.5.30729; .net clr 3.0.30729; media center pc 6.0; infopath.3; .net4.0c; .net4.0e; rv:11.0) like gecko"

The detection of IE is looking for the string msie but this is not present.

Anyone else had this issue or is there a workaround?


Kevin Jackson
11 Dec 2013, 5:44 AM
This was reported as a bug issue recently and we are looking into a solution. The check is done on msie which the other IE browsers report but IE11 reports trident so it isn't detected properly.

11 Dec 2013, 10:36 AM
Thanks for that, I will see if I can hack the code temporarily!

Gary Schlosberg
8 Jan 2014, 8:44 AM
Looks like this was fixed and released in 4.2.2.