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3 Dec 2013, 12:04 PM
I want to send request data from textarea table which is stored in the database. How I do it:i am open the form there a table on this form there is a button, push the button displays a new form with tekstarea and two buttons (save (push and data from textarea go to the table), and cancel). All this works well, but sending a request does not work. That how i do request:

doEditsave: function(button) {
var win = button.up('window')
grid = win.down('grid')
store = grid.store

var request = {
filetId: grid.getfileId(),

attributes: [] }; store.each(function(rec, index, length)
{ request.attributes.push({type:rec.get('type'),value:rec.get('value')}); });

url: Config.Api.url('/file/update'),

method: 'POST',
jsonData: request,

success: function(responseObject){
var obj = Ext.decode(responseObject.responseText);
if (obj.status == 'SUCCESS'){
{alert(responseObject.responseText) } },
failure: function(responseObject)
{ if (responseObject.status == 403)
{ alert('ERRORRRR'); }
else { alert(responseObject.responseText); } }, }); },

program does not find the store, here

var win = button.up('window')
grid = win.down('grid')
store = grid.store

because the table with data is in a different form and not in the form where I send request. how can I contact the parent form and make request? thanks

3 Dec 2013, 1:17 PM
You can assign a storeId to the store and use the StoreManager to gain access to the store.

storeId : 'simpsonsStore',

var store = Ext.data.StoreManager.lookup('simpsonsStore'),

If you are using MVC, you can use the built in getter.