View Full Version : White background under panel margin

2 Dec 2013, 3:44 AM
Hi all,

I've a tabpanel.
Tab 0 is a panel with layout border.
Panels contained in it have margin: 5px.

With these conditions, the space around the inner panel is blue, while i would like white. How can i obtain it?

Here some code:

me.items = [{
xtype: 'tabpanel',
activeTab: 0,
items: [{
title: 'Tab 0',
layout: 'border',
style: 'margin: 2px',
items: [{
xtype: 'panel',
region: 'west',
width: 150,
xtype: 'panel',
region: 'center',

Thanks a lot for your help

2 Dec 2013, 4:12 AM
I am not a CSS expert but I can think of one way which might work. you can add a border with white color and desired width. Margin just deals with the spacing.

May be someone else can suggest a better way.