View Full Version : [solved] Gtk theme messed up after installed Sencha animator

27 Nov 2013, 1:20 AM
After I've installed Sencha some applications no longer uses my system gtk theme but are defaulting to a ugly default gtk-theme.
Applications found so far is Sencha animator itself (only menu bar), KeepassX, Skype and QStopMotion.

I've tried Sencha on two machines, this happening on both.

Bodhi Linux 2.4.0, 64-bit (Ubuntu LTS based (12.04), Enlightenment 0.17.4 desktop environment.

27 Nov 2013, 11:08 AM
It might be a weird interaction with Bodhi Linux. I'd suggest using the Bodhi Linux forum for better help.

4 Dec 2013, 1:33 AM
Thanks. It was a qt issue. I found a solution here: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=206&t=116016 Install qt4-qtconfig, run qtconfig and set GUI Style to GTK+. All looks normal now.