View Full Version : Is there a logical NOT operator for ComponentQuery.query()?

21 Nov 2013, 6:11 AM
I have a container with 7 buttons.

6 of them are dynamic and very similar, and the 7th is a button for a save action.
Is there a way to use ComponentQuery.query() so as it returns only the list of those 6 buttons, while keeping out the last button?

21 Nov 2013, 7:34 AM
I used a similar itemId and managed to group together the buttons I need by using ^=.

The '^=' operator will return Components with specified attribute that start with the passed value:

Ext.ComponentQuery.query (http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/4.2.2/#!/api/Ext.ComponentQuery-method-query)('panel[title^=Sales]');

21 Nov 2013, 10:22 AM
you can use query to find particular attributes