View Full Version : Extjs datepicker update or override today date display as per timezone

15 Nov 2013, 2:25 AM
Hi every one ,

how to change datepicker Today date . In my app i want to display date in date picker as per timezone.
i am using timezone-js (https://github.com/mde/timezone-js) (https://github.com/mde/timezone-js) to convert date as per timezone.
for examples
new timezoneJS.Date(new Date(), ' America/Chicago')._dateProxy . it gives America/Chicago date.

in this case i want to display timepicker Today date as for America/Chicago timezone base.


how to override datepicker to get date as supplyed timezone.
and if am click on Today get the date as per time zone.

please help me.

15 Nov 2013, 2:46 AM
You'd need to override Ext.picker.Date beforeRender, that's where it picks up the "today" date.