View Full Version : EXTJS interacting with Java API

6 Nov 2013, 2:36 AM

I am very new to the EXTJs. I have a requirement where I need to make the front end developed with EXTJs to interact with Java API.

Here I am providing little back ground on it.

The front end pages are built using EXTJS .The data which needs to be populated on these screens should be fetch from different webservices and databases. So in order to get the data from the different webservices a java API has been built which will interact with different web services and get the data. I like to know the best way to make the screens developed with extjs to interact with this java api and populate the values . could some one guide me on this by providing the valuable suggestions ,links and sample examples. It will be great if can get help on this


Gary Schlosberg
7 Nov 2013, 5:04 PM