View Full Version : binding.js with 1.0

28 Feb 2007, 2:39 PM
Are there plans to put the binding.js into the 1.0 version? Or am I overlooking a new way of binding the record to a form, and updateing the grid when the form is updated?

28 Feb 2007, 6:37 PM
Binding grid data to a form:

Listen to the 'rowselect' event of your selection model:
sm.on('rowselect', this.bindData, this, true);

My bindData function looks like so:
bindData : function(sm, rowIdx){
/* retrieve the current row from the data store */
var currRow = ds.getAt(rowIdx);
/* update form elements */
Ext.fly('book-title-form').dom.value = currRow.get('TITLE');
Ext.fly('book-isbn-form').dom.value = currRow.get('ISBN');
Ext.fly('book-keywords-form').dom.value = currRow.get('KEYWORDS');
Ext.fly('book-description-form').dom.value = currRow.get('DESCRIPTION');

As far as the data marshalling is concerned and sending updates to a server-side component this is something that Jack is currently working on and something that I know I am looking forward to a lot.