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22 Oct 2013, 11:21 AM
#1). VIEWS: I have seen suggestions that large applications have multiple sub-folders to ease searching / organizing the views. While you CAN preface the view name with the folder i.e. customers.customerForm and it will store the source file in the customers folder under the views folder, There seems to be no advantages and a few disadvantages in SA. 1st, there is no hierachy view in SA and 2nd, the tabs along the top get much wider (with the longer name) and therefore can not see as many open files at once, and 3rd, more typing when accessing the view (and my wrists are lazy). Is there any reason to use sub-folders

#2) MODELS / STORES I have seen the suggestion that models are singular and stores are plural (i.e. invoice, invoices. Why? Since they are in separate folders the fully qualified name is different. Any reason to not name the stores and models the same?


22 Oct 2013, 11:33 AM
1) Essentially the same question as "why should I use namespaces". But in JS, they are less useful because you can't do any "package level" type stuff, so the only benefit you gain is organization.

2) A model defines what a single data item looks like. A store holds a collection of those items. Again, it's just a convention, it doesn't make any difference practical how you name your classes, purely an organizational thing.