View Full Version : Donut painting Align Problem

21 Oct 2013, 2:54 AM
Hi All,

I have a page with chart and Grid view, on clicking the toggle button will navigate between the views.

When I make any changes in the chart view the donuts are painted correctly[see Pic 1] (in background grid will be refreshed), but when i switch to grid view and do any changes through drop down the grids are manipulated correctly where the donut legends are not aligned properly and get hidden[Pic 2]. I use chart.refresh() to refresh the donuts.

Attached the image for reference..

Pic 1

Pic 2

Any help is highly appreciated..

24 Oct 2013, 6:35 AM
Please post your code.

27 Oct 2013, 10:17 PM
Hi Scott,

We were able to figure out this issue as chart.refresh() is not initiated in the correct place, once called the alignment is fixed..

Thanks for your reply..