View Full Version : Architect request features

17 Oct 2013, 8:40 AM
Firstly I couldn't see a request section for this post - hopefully its ok to put it here.

I've been using Architect a bit recently and a couple of things that are bugging me already...

1) Lack of selecting which browser to open. It goes to my default browser - but I don't always want that. (would nice if it could also give option to open in the same tab as in Chrome a new tab always does not have its dev tools open)
2) In order to preview I have to click 4 times! (am I doing it wrong?). 1 - save, 2 - publish, 3 - get rid of publish window, 4 - preview. 4 clicks to preview! painful.
3) This may well be down to me be new to Ext JS, but all code samples show you can do

height : '100%'
and similar, but in Architect you can't. You can only do numbers (unless you set it in a function).
4) Undo - it doesn't work properly. For exmaple if I have a panel with a few components inside it, then I delete a component, when I press ctrl + Z or select undo it doesn't work properly.

BTW I do like Architect :)