View Full Version : Client side paging and filtering with server side CRUD

9 Oct 2013, 8:08 AM
I want to implement a grid with totally client side paging and filtering. In order to do this, as I saw on the forums, I have to use a memory proxy and load data one time through an Ajax call. But for CRUD operations, operation must also be on the server side. When you delete a record it should be deleted on the database too.

But Ext.data.proxy.Memory does not have an api property?? How can I point it to go server side and execute something on callback? Do I have to override create, delete and update methods and tell them to make an Ajax request and on callback, call their superclass methods to apply operations on memory (i.e. delete a record in memory)?

Am I on the right track?

10 Oct 2013, 1:31 AM
Paging and memory proxy are not superposable by default. I've seen some references to an extension like 'paging memory proxy'.
For the sake of crud you can configure model with ajax proxy and store - with memory. Then you can do record.save() or record.destroy(), but not store.sync().