View Full Version : Custom theme sliced images not showing up in IE8

29 Aug 2013, 8:37 AM
I have a custom theme that needs to slice images for legacy browsers. I followed the tutorial in the theme guide to the T.

The images appear to be created with the correct colors and everything, but when I launch the app in IE8 the images are not showing up. For example the images to create the button are not there and all you see is the text of the button. I am extending the Neptune theme if that makes any difference, and all I have done is change the base color. In all modern browsers this works like a charm.

When I use IE developer tools to inspect the css, it looks like the class that sets the background image is being overridden with background-image: none (.x-nbr .x-btn-default-small)

Not sure why this isn't working. I have everything in my theme folder, and correctly linked. The css file, the js file and the images folder.

Any ideas or pointers would be very appreciated.

3 Sep 2013, 2:39 PM
Are you creating a custom UI for the button and changing the baseColor for the custom UI?
Or you're changing the baseColor for ALL buttons (the default UI)?

Also, is the button in a toolbar or stand-alone in a container in your example?