View Full Version : Add subcolumns in editor grid panel

6 Aug 2013, 8:27 AM
I am trying to display a column that can be made as editable like a date field and under this column there should be three sub columns and I am using an editor grid panel for displaying the data. Is there any way I can achieve this in extjs 3.4 version. What I want to do is something like this.
Main Column{this column should be editable}
{Sub Column1} {Sub Column2} {Sub Column3}
Can anyone help or is there any demo that I can follow.
Thanks in advance.

8 Aug 2013, 12:12 PM
The ColumnHeaderGroup user extension will allow you to do sub-columns. But I'm not sure I follow what you mean when you say you want a column to have an editor field AND sub-columns. With nested columns the parent column doesn't itself have cells - so no editor.