View Full Version : Combobox not display displayField

31 Jul 2013, 7:32 AM
hope you find this well i'm using combobox displayfield in case valueField large than two digits for example valueField 100003 and displayField: my displayname it's return valueField not display DisplayField,

here is my code
xtype: 'combo',
fieldLabel: field['label'],
allowBlank: field['is_required'] > 0 ? false: true,
name: 'data['+field['column_name']+']',
itemId: field['column_name'],
store: store,
displayField: 'name_en',
valueField: 'id',
editable: false,
disabled: field['read_only'],
anchor: '100%',
cls: field['css_class'],
colspan: colSpan,
readOnly: true,

Gary Schlosberg
4 Aug 2013, 10:57 AM
I wasn't able to recreate this problem from your code, but there are a lot of variables in there. I would recommend ensuring that your displayField doesn't have any unusual characters that would cause it to try to display the valueField instead. Beyond that, can you provide the store data and perhaps a more complete example?