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22 Jul 2013, 12:09 AM
Hi, I have requirement in which a tree panel will be available and whenever i click on parent node i must hide a panel(say Childpanel) and i must show another panel(say Parentpanel) ,and whenever i click on child node i must hide a panel( Parentpanel) and i must show another panel( Childpanel)
and by default the Parentpanel must be visible . i have used .hide() to hide the childpanel by default and .show() when clicked on Child.it is not wroking but if i change the sceen size(ctrl+'+/-') from then its working fine .Can You Help Me Please
by the way i have two subpanels in each panel and this operation must happen to the second half panel and first half panel same for both child and parent.


24 Jul 2013, 4:33 AM
Instead of hide/show, why not use a card layout and use setActiveItem method to navigate within them so you are within a layout properly?

24 Jul 2013, 6:09 AM
Are you calling doLayout() on the parent container after showing/hiding the child panels?

25 Jul 2013, 8:33 AM
no i am not calling doLayout() after showing or hiding the panels

25 Jul 2013, 8:35 AM
Have you tried doing so? ;)

25 Jul 2013, 11:08 PM
Have you tried doing so? ;)

Thanks willigogs, got it and working fine B)

i need one more thing in the same panel
i have the tree structure as below

tree panel gridpanel

Super Parent ----------------------------------------------
SubParent1 - -
Child1.1 - -
Child1.2 - -
Child1.3 - grid data -
SubParent2 - -
Child2.1 - -
Child2.2 - -
Child2.3 ------------------------------------------------

When i click on Super parent all the data is displayed in a grid(child1.1,child1.2,child1.3,child2.1,child2.2,child2.3)
so how can i filter the grid (in the front end itself) with corresponding data(child1.1,child1.2,child1.3) when clicked on 'SubParent1' instead of sending one more request with an id to the controller which specifies the Subparent id and displays the corresponding griddata .....is this possible to do..