View Full Version : Converting Flex project to EXT Js Project

18 Jul 2013, 7:58 AM
Hi Folks,

We are in process of converting Flex 3 application to EXT JS application. Is there any automation tool for converting flex code to EXT JS code? So that will be great helpful to migrate Flex app to EXT app.

Please provide you valuable comments.

Thanks in advance. :)

Siva U.

Renan Cunha
22 Jul 2013, 5:00 PM

The idea of a tool for automated migration is beautiful because you will save alot of effort, but in my opnion its impracticable. The Flex apps use an approach that is very different of the Ext JS architecture.
And is very important to you or your team know how the framework (ext js) works, if you use a tool to automatize this you will have a app that works but nobody know how to maintain this.

Instead of make a complex tool for this, make more sense study the Ext JS and apply the best techniques and patterns and re-write the application from the scratch.